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Formerly Carnahan, Evans, Cantwell & Brown, P.C.

Environmental Law

Environmental Law

Carnahan Evans shareholders John E. Price and Christiaan D. Horton have a combined 50-plus years of experience representing business, industry, and individual clients on environmental law matters. Whether you need advice on permits, violations, enforcement actions, real estate transactions, or litigation with government agencies or private parties, Carnahan Evans has the experience and knowledge to help you navigate the environmental regulatory landscape.

Transactional Issues:

Carnahan Evans represents property owners, developers, contractors, builders, property sellers and buyers, banks and lenders on a variety of transactional issues. For example, we assist with numerous real estate transactions involving due diligence, Phase I and Phase II environmental assessments, indemnification contracts, and private party cost recovery. We can also help you with storm water control, the NPDES storm water permit program, and land use and development regulations.

Representation Before Government Agencies:

We have regular contact with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources; we know the regulators and can help you cut through the red tape and bureaucracy. If you are faced with an environmental inspection or a notice of violation, we can help you properly respond and find the right consultants and experts to remedy the issue quickly and efficiently. If you face fines or civil penalties, we can assist in negotiating a prompt and fair settlement, or we can take your case to a hearing or trial if required.

Permitting and Compliance Issues:

We regularly advise clients about permits and compliance issues under federal and state environmental regulations. With our intimate knowledge of the industry, we can help you acquire, comply with, and defend environmental permits (federal, state, or local) that involve air quality, water quality, hazardous and solid waste, and federal or state land. For example, we can assist you with permitting and compliance issues related to the following regulations:

  • Clean Water Act
  • Clean Air Act
  • Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) regulations
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
  • Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)
  • Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, & Liability Act (CERCLA, also known as Superfund)
  • Brownfield regulations (found in RCRA, CRA, CERCLA, etc.)
  • Underground storage tank (UST) regulations
  • Aboveground storage tank (AST) regulations

Civil and Criminal Environmental Litigation:

We represent clients in environmental lawsuits in federal and state courts and in government agency proceedings. If you are sued for money damages, fines, or penalties or if you face criminal charges, we will aggressively defend your interests. In addition, if you have suffered injury to your person or property from environmental exposure or property contamination, we will pursue your claim vigorously.


Environmental law can be complicated and overwhelming. Whether you are confronting transactional issues, an inspection, compliance disputes, or even criminal charges, contact the attorneys at Carnahan Evans. We can help you develop a proactive approach to environmental law to avoid litigation and prevent future legal predicaments. With our extensive knowledge, decades of experience, and relationships with federal and state regulators, you can count on Carnahan Evans to provide the best possible representation in all environmental law matters.