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Formerly Carnahan, Evans, Cantwell & Brown, P.C.



Forms prepared and used by attorneys at Carnahan Evans PC to obtain client information for providing services. These forms are available in Adobe “portable document format” [“filename.pdf”]. This format allows documents to be prepared for distribution to be viewed and printed with all formatting and appearance intact, without requiring the recipient to have a particular software program or fonts installed on their computer [other than Adobe “reader” program which is offered without charge by Adobe at While this format is not editable, it may be “opened” directly into the Adobe Reader program and filled out, or downloaded for later loading.

Digital Forms

These forms are done through a digital form. The ‘Estate Planning Questionnaire’ will be sent to our firm. The ‘Digital Assets List’ and ‘Funeral and Burial Instructions’ are courtesy forms for you to complete and then save and/or print for safekeeping.